Sunday, July 17, 2011

Report 7/17/11

Just got back from a weekend on the Ausable with Father and Son (Rick and Matt Thomas). First time fly fishing for either of them. What better first catch than the almighty state fish, Mr. Brook Trout. It was great to have them up for the weekend! Weather was perfect and fishing was pretty typical for July. BWO's were a reliable subject as well as some night time "Mousin" that I introduce the boys to. Success with mousin was a bit tough due to the Full moon out last night. Still made for a great night to be on the water. During the day, the terresterials filled the bill. PMX's and Hoppers all got looks as well as various other patterns with Elk hair and rubber legs.

That is all for now!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Report 7/8/11

Yes...I did change the background image. Got tired of the old one. This one seems more appropriate. I have been fishing on the Pere Marquette lately. Terresterials by day...the "H" word by night. Good bug activity and the fish have been somewhat cooperative. No pics to be had at this time. Will be doing the night-time mousin' thing for a while now. Small mouth bass are on the feed now. Strippin' streamers are an effective method of catching these jumpers. Trout fishing continues to be good on the Muskegon Caddis, BWO's, and ants all fill the trouts stomach. Thats all for now.