Thursday, June 23, 2011

Report 6/22-6/23

Here is one of our State jewels. The brook trout. This little guy was taken during a break in the rain on a dry fly. He fought with great spirit and was released to be fooled another day.
This fish was taken on the Ausable river.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Report 6/10-6/11/2011

Spent Friday and Saturday on the Ausable river with my brother Jamie and his son Trevor. This was a birthday present for Trevor. We stayed at Fuller's North Branch Outing Club. With the recent weather change, the fishing was a little tougher. Hatch activity had slowed a bit, but looking to pick back up with the warmer weather making a return. On the Ausable, had Brown drakes, Isos, Sulphers, and BWO's. I will be fishing the Muskegon this week. I have evening half day trips available this week and next.

*Muskegon river is still producing gray drakes at this time. Warmer, more consistantly weather will increase productivity on local streams for sure.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Report 6-6-2011

Tonight was about just getting out and fishing nearby stream. While walking this local stream, I came across this fish that someone thought better suitable in the hot sun than in the stream. Not the "hot fish" I was looking for, but made for an interesting photograph. I did sit out the evening on a log and waited...and waited...and waited for some bug activity and of course fish to become interested. Sulphurs were the main course this evening. Managed two fish on a sulphur emerger. Sometimes, you have to count your blessings one by one and just be thankful. Tonight, I am just thankful that I got to go fishing and catch two trout. Here's to June in Michigan. Get out and fish...late! Nick

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Report 6/2/11

Enjoyed a great evening of trout fishing with good buddy, Jeff Mcdonald. Jeff is pictured with a very fine Muskegon river rainbow that fell for the old swung wet fly trick. Last night we experienced a great Gray Drake hatch and fish were looking at them and eating them as evidenced by my fish below. Some very good fish coming up and feeding but not super consistant feeding yet. The next week of fishing should be great.