Monday, April 20, 2009

4/19 and 4/20

Had a great two days on the water with George and Jason on Sunday and Ryan and Steve on Monday. Had some great hookups and some great fish in the boat. Hens and Bucks are crushing flies. Lots of midges on the water keeping the trout looking up. New fish arriving every day. Eggs and par have scored both days. Nick

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Muskegon Report

Greetings anglers!
Here is my report that is long overdue. The Muskegon is fishing well now. Water is remaining at a higher level which is definitely a good thing and keeps my arms in good shape. I am seeing plenty of fresh steelhead around. Holes, deep runs, and tailouts are all producing. Egg flies, flashy hexy, and smolts are all working. We should get another push of fish this week with the rain predicted. I had Ben and Dan out on Saturday. Even with the amount of traffic for a saturday, we had good success with steelhead and of course the ever forgiving catch and release walleyes that are ever prevalent this time of year. The steelhead are very HOT fighters right now and will break your heart at any time. Thats all for now! Tightlines!